Our approach to sustainability is more than skin deep. It’s not just the how the product it made, it’s the whole lifecycle, cradle to grave or better still cradle to cradle. We design our products lifecycle from the selection of raw materials right through to manufacture and delivery, ensuring each product is built to last and that it leaves as little trace as possible or can be recycled once it’s come to the end of its useful life.  

We start with our material selection, aiming to only use vegetable tanned leathers and highly recyclable materials as much as possible, ensuring that our products carbon and environmental footprint remain as small as possible and leaves no toxic waste in manufacture or disposal.

While we’re doing everything we can to make all of our products 100% compostable or infinitely recyclable, we’re not there yet but we’re close and constantly working to do more.

Once we have our materials we work with skilled craftsmen and craftswomen to meticulously handcraft each and every piece, taking the time to ensure that they are built withstand the rigours of daily use and last the test of time.

When we send our products to you, we’ve even designed our packaging to be as compact and as light as possible, while still providing the protection the product needs. This reduces the carbon used shipping the product from our manufacturer to Nodus HQ and onto you once you make an order. The packaging itself is then fully and easily recyclable!

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