Our Leathers

Each of our products are hand stitched from the finest full grain vegetable tanned Italian leathers, for a durable and ethically sourced product that is built to last for years. We work closely with a single tannery in Florence, Italy to secure all of our leather, providing us the oversight to ensure the highest quality and environmental standards in our material production.

We only use full grain leather as it is made from the finest, strongest and densest part of the hide. Sourced from the top layers, it has an incredibly tight grain that offers the most durable, water resistant and tactile leather.

The process of vegetable tanning has remained unchanged for centuries, using only natural ingredients such as tree bark and leaves. This highest quality leather is available in a range of natural tones and colours that develops a beautiful patina over time.

RFID Shielding

The ease of contactless payments with the security of RFID shielding.

All of our wallets feature RFID shielding to protect the data stored on contactless cards. However, certain parts of the wallet remain unshielded to allow quick contactless payments through the wallet without ‘Card Clash*’ or ‘Skimming**’. Perfect for tapping into the metro or picking up a quick morning coffee.

* Card Clash is when two or more contactless cards interfere with each other, causing the payment to fail, the wrong card to be charged, or even multiple cards to be charged.

** Skimming is also known as contactless theft, when hidden card readers are used to read the data on contactless cards without consent.

Micro Suction

The power of Micro Suction. Millions of microscopic suction cups grip to the back of the iPhone with incredible force. (As featured on the Access Case)

When placed against a smooth, hard and non porous surface, the material creates millions of tiny vacuums resulting in an incredibly strong bond. It can be removed and repeated time and time again without damage or loss of suction and leaves no residue.


Our current and all future packaging is and will continue to be 100% recyclable and made from as much recycled material as possible. We have removed as much plastic as possible and will soon be 100% plastic free. Where there is plastic, it is easily and commonly recycled.

We’ve even designed our packaging to be as compact and as light as possible, while still providing the protection the product needs, in order to reduce the amount of carbon emitted during shipping the product from our manufacturer to Nodus HQ and onto you once you make an order.