Our Leathers

Nothing compares to the touch and feel of a good leather, which is why we only use the finest full and top grain vegetable tanned Italian leathers that age with beauty. It's not just the quality that we're interested in, we're committed to only using leathers that have been ethically and sustainably produced.

Full Grain

Full grain leather is the finest, strongest and densest part of the hide. Sourced from the top layers, it has an incredibly tight grain keeping it water resistant and ages with a beautiful patina.

Top Grain

Sourced from the same layers as full grain, but is lightly sanded to remove scars and blemishes. this results in a softer leather with a more consistent finish, which ages slightly faster than full grain leathers.

Vegetable Tanning

The traditional and sustainable method of tanning leathers, it has remained unchanged for centuries.

Using only natural ingredients like tree bark, Vegetable Tanning produces high quality leathers in a range of natural tones. Other natural dies are added during tanning to produce additional colours, such as our Saffron Yellow.

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