His & Her Picks! Our Gift Guide to Valentine's Day 2021

With a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant off the table this year, we’ve pulled together our very own his and her picks, as chosen by a few of us at Nodus HQ to help you find the perfect gift for your significant other. 


For her: ‘We just launched a couple of brighter new colours across the entire range this year and my other half loves the return of Saffron Yellow. She already has a Compact Coin in the outgoing Dark Teal, but she’ll be getting a bright new yellow one this year.’

For Him: ‘Personally I love the ultra slim Compact Card, carries my essentials and is barely noticeable in my pocket, but I do have my eye on the Olive Green colourway.’

His & Hers Compact Coin Wallet Saffron Yellow



For Him: ‘My husband is prone to dropping his phone, so I’ve decided to help him look after his with a new Fender Case and magnetic Micro Dock for the car.’

For Her: ‘I’m hoping he’ll pick up the hints and grab me a Access Case in the new Aqua Blue!’

His & Hers Fender case


For Her: Compact Coin in Aqua Blue all the way. Small, compact and the RFID blocked pocket and RFID enabled slots for contactless payments are super convenient.’

For Him: ‘I’m fully on brand with a Shell Case and a Compact Wallet In Chestnut Brown. Love the pull tab pocket to stash all those extra cards in.’

 His & Hers Compact Wallet


For Him: ‘Can’t beat the classics, my other half has been rocking his Hifold Wallet for 5+ years now and loves it.’

For Her: ‘I carry way too much in my purse, but keep my main card and drivers licence in a Compact Card and use it as a pull out, when I’m heading out and don’t want to carry the rest.’

His & Hers Hifold Wallet

 Thanks for reading!